This is the origin of Acehnese


Acehnese in Aceh called Ureuëng Acèh. This tribe is a tribe of natives who inhabited the coastal regions and the inland part of Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia. The majority of Acehnese is Muslim. The language used is language Acehnese, who are part of the Western Malayo-Polynesian language and is closely related to the Cham language spoken in Viet Nam and Cambodia.

Acehnese are descendants of various tribes, clans, and peoples who settled in the land of Aceh that is tied to the cultural unity is mainly in the Acehnese language, religion, and customs typical of Aceh.

Ancient inhabitants of Acehnese to live in communal and matrilocal. They lived in a settlement called gampong and they made settlements there. The Aceh cultural golden age began in the 16th century when the heydey of the Islamic Kingdom of Aceh Darussalam which reached its peak in the 17th century. The Acehnese are very obedient to the teachings of the Islamic religion, and also as a militant fighter against Portuguese colonial conquests and the Netherlands.

The origin of the lineage

According to archaeological evidence, originally inhabitants of Aceh are from the post-Pleistocene period, where they live on the east coast of Aceh (Langsa area and Tamiang), and showed the characteristics of Australomelanesid. They mainly live, off the sea, especially various types of shellfish, as well as terrestrial animals such as pigs and rhinos. At that time, they had used fire and buried with certain ceremonies.

The subsequent formation of the Acehnese occurs when the displacement of native tribes Mantir and Lhan (proto Malay), as well as the tribes of Champa, the Malay and Minang (Malay deutro) who came to form an indigenous people of Aceh. In addition to foreign Nations, such as the nation of South India, as well as a small part of the Arab nation, Persia, Turkey, and Portuguese are also part of the components forming Acehnese. The strategic position of Aceh in Northern Sumatra Island, over thousands of years has been a stopover and a mixture of various ethnic groups, namely in sea trade route from the Middle East to China. So the people of Aceh is a mixture of many other Nations.

According to the legend the people of Aceh, Aceh residents started coming from the native tribes, namely;
  1. Tribal Castle (Mantir) 
  2. Tribal Lhan (Pirates).

Tribe Mante is allegedly closely related to the Batak, Gayo, and Alas. While tribal Lhan allegedly with tribe Semang that migrated from the Malay peninsula or Indian (Champa, Burma).

The tribe Mante originally inhabiting the area of Aceh Besar and then spread to other places. There are also allegations of ethnologically about relations with the tribe Mante in Babylonia or Dravidian in the Valley of the Indus River and the Ganges, however it has, yet to be set by the experts of certainty.

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